Silence Is Gold and Our Politicians Are Broke

Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues. Proverbs 17:28

Whether it be a product of the digital age where everyone feels like their every thought must be heard and cherished or an overall lack of maturity and poise, our politicians have been unable to keep their mouths shut even when the nation is begging them to. This is a problem that has been infecting people from both sides of the aisle and the scope is growing. Sometimes the best course of action is to say and do nothing.

From Rep. King of Iowa, to Rep. Omar of Minnesota to the president himself, our leaders have not been able to keep quiet when a moment or two of silence would do them good. Instead of taking a moment to stand in solidarity with his peers Steve King voted “present” on a bill condemning hate speech. This bill was born out of a controversy surrounding comments made by Rep. Omar about Jews and Israel.

Her comments, plural, riled up a large part of the country and split her party. Many wanted her to be named in the bill or to be censured or even to step down but instead they settled for a weaker and broader bill about hateful rhetoric. She remained unnamed and was seen as having escaped a harsher fate. So naturally, the very next day, she goes on record lambasting former President Obama in a way no Democrat has to date.

More and more of our leaders won’t keep their mouths shut even when it is to their and our benefit. Elizabeth Warren talked her way into a damning DNA test, AOC has talked her Green New Deal into parody and Trump has talked his way into an unending headache. No one can keep quiet. We could all use a little more discretion and less instant analysis.

Silence is golden and our leaders continue to bankrupt their credibility and our trust with their unending chatter. The American people will be looking for a leader who knows when and how to speak in the future and currently that seems to be in short supply.

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