This Country Needs a Revival

Watching the news cycle in 2019 is exhausting. It’s both petty and harrowing, repetitive and nonstop. What it isn’t is uplifting. There is a state of constant bickering and sniping that has engulfed public discourse and in some cases an underlying feeling of pure malice. America needs a spiritual revival to try and correct course.

We have stopped believing in anything bigger than ourselves. We have been consumed by the internet, politics and vanity in ways that is making people miserable. Drug use is up. Suicide is up. Depression is up. Broken families are up. Economics are up. We have continued to pursue things that fill our material beings at the cost of our mental, emotional and spiritual beings.

We used to stand for democracy, freedom, God. Whether it was foreign invaders, freeing the slaves, global aggression, communism, fascism, terrorism, we have always had something greater to set our sights on and fight for and fight against. We had a system that bound us together as brothers. We stood as one when it was darkest and hardest because we didn’t know how to do it any other way.

Lately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Terrorism is no longer a global threat. Communism isn’t a global threat. Americans have lost their appetite to uphold the global standard on the world stage. We have taken our hunger to fight for something greater and turned on each other and the results are playing out on Twitter and our news feeds every day.

Americans need a spiritual revival if not a religious one. We need to find our greater sense of purpose again in something that is truly bigger than us and not simply in semantics and politics. The dehumanizing and demonizing nature of speech in this country is not sustainable. Eventually it will reach a breaking point. And for what?

In this season of Lent I will be earnestly praying for a revival. Praying that we will start to see the best in each other again and not the worst. Praying for a spirit of forgiveness and second chances that have been relegated to nightly television flicks instead of our day to day lives.

People are suffering but not in the ways that are regularly talked about. We’re lonely, jealous, empty and unforgiving even while we’re fed, clothed and put to work. No amount of sniping on Facebook or sub Tweeting is fixing that or is going to fix that. Only God can bring the sort of peace this country needs to soothe it’s aggravated soul.

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